Many customers are considering whether to replace their current telecom solution with an Office 365 Solution.   For businesses who need sophisticated telecom capabilities, there may be better options than a single all-purpose tool. Afterall, you won’t see Crescent wrenches at NASCAR. Winning teams use the right tool to meet their specific need. They know that compromising for simplicity can cost them the race.

Office365 continues to add phone functionality and is a good phone solution for businesses who need a sophisticated office productivity suite and a basic telecom solution. 


But many customers depend on a robust phone solution as the life blood of their business.  Cloud PBX solutions such as Innovative’s provide sophisticated telecom solutions with features that until recently were out of reach for many small and mid-sized businesses.   These businesses are using features such as Auto Attendant, ACD, Business SMS / MMS, Detailed Call Logs and more to drive sales, service and efficiency.  They depend on a partner to set up and change their telecom network as their business changes.  

The good news is that businesses can have the best of both worlds.   At Innovative we have integrated Office365 with our VOIP Cloud Service. 

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility: Choose the Office 365 solution that is right for each of your users independent of their phone needs. Innovative’s VOIP Cloud will integrate with any Office 365 solution from E1 to E5 helping you to control costs.


  • World Class Telephony Features: Innovative 365 is a serious phone solution meeting the needs of sophisticated telecom customer requiring features such as … (features available from Skyswitch and not from Office 365.


  • Service and Support: Innovative’s Help Desk Technicians are here to support you through your daily grind from enabling special features to planning an office move. And when you need us onsite, our trained experts are there to address your largest challenges.


Let’s discuss whether your business will see benefits and savings by combing the Innovative VOIP Cloud with Office365.  Contact Us!

Brad Batten

Chief Innovation Officer

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